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Aeromexico Name Change Policy

Aeromexico, Mexico’s largest airline, has a strong presence in the United States and many other countries. It has a huge passenger base and therefore has to provide certain rules under which passengers facing certain situations like errors in the name can easily make changes. The Aeromexico Name Change Policy has a high impact on the system, providing rules on how you can change your name. So, let’s dive into the article and see what the name change Aeromexico looks like.

Aeromexico Name Change Policy  

Aeromexico’s name-change policy is designed to accommodate passengers who need to correct or change the name on their flight tickets. It’s important to note that changes are subject to certain terms and conditions, which can vary depending on the fare type you’ve purchased. Generally, Aeromexico allows for minor corrections to your name on the ticket, but complete name changes may not be permitted due to security reasons.

Aeromexico Name Change Policy Highlights  

To avoid the consequence of not being able to board the flight, you must change the name of the ticket at the earliest time possible. Here, we have mentioned the Aeromexico Name Change policy that you must be aware of-

  • If you opt for name correction within 24 hours of the ticket purchase, you will be charged nothing for the service.
  • Aeromexico provides you with the flexibility of changing names without any additional fees.
  • If your name has changed due to the change of marital status, the airline will help you with the name change process.

Types of Name Change Policy at Aeromexico

Making Aeromexico change the name on a ticket requires you to provide certain supporting documents; here are the types of changes you can opt for

  • Minor Name Corrections: Fixing typos and small spelling mistakes, you can do it directly online or via contacting customer support.
  • Major Name Corrections: If you wish to make major name corrections or change of first name and last name, you will have to contact the airline directly via customer support.
  • Legal Name Changes: If your name has changed legally after booking either due to marriage, adoption, or divorce, you must contact the airline and provide documentation supporting the change. The documentation you need to provide during these changes is as follows:
  1. Marriage license
  2. Divorce decree
  3. Adoption certificate
  4. Old photo ID issued by the government along with a new photo ID issued by the government.

How to Change Name on Aeromexico Flight?  

Making changes to your name has various methods and procedures, you can follow any of them to easily update your name on the ticket. Here are the methods with detailed steps you can follow:

1) Making Changes Online  

Making changes online is the most convenient method. Aeromexico’s online platform is user-friendly and accessible 24/7, allowing you to make quick name corrections from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Visit the Aeromexico official website.
  • Log in to your account and select ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Enter your booking reference and last name to retrieve your flight details.
  • Select the option to modify your name on the ticket.
  • Make the necessary corrections, ensuring they do not exceed four characters.
  • Review the changes and confirm them.
  • You may be prompted to pay a name change fee, depending on the fare conditions.
  • Once the changes are confirmed, you will receive an updated e-ticket.

2) Name Change via Phone Call  

If you prefer personalized assistance or have specific queries, contacting Aeromexico’s customer support is the way to go. The airline’s representatives are trained to handle your requests efficiently.

  • Dial Aeromexico’s customer support number mentioned below.
  • Provide your booking reference and personal details for verification.
  • Request a name correction on your flight ticket.
  • The representative will guide you through the process and inform you of any applicable fees.
  • Confirm the changes and provide payment details if required.
  • Once the changes are processed, you will receive a confirmation via email.

3) Name Change via Airport    

For last-minute Aeromexico name changes or if you’re already at the airport, you can visit the Aeromexico ticket counter for assistance. This method is suitable for passengers who need immediate service.

  • Go to the Aeromexico ticket counter at the airport.
  • Present your identification and booking information.
  • Request the name correction on your ticket.
  • The airline staff will check the eligibility for name changes and inform you of any fees.
  • Pay the necessary fee if it applies.
  • Receive your updated boarding pass with the corrected name.

4) Transfer the Ticket to Another Person  

Under no condition does Aeromexico allow the transfer of tickets or change of name to a different passenger. If anyone attempts to fly on someone else’s ticket, they will immediately be denied boarding, and the ticket will be canceled, retaining no value.

Aeromexico Name Change Fees  

Aeromexico, being a low-cost carrier, charges additional fees for making name changes. You will have to pay $15.00 per segment per passenger as Aeromexico name Change Fees.


The Aeromexico Name Change Policy is in place to help passengers correct their names on tickets within certain limits. Minor corrections are possible, while complete name changes are restricted. Always check the latest policy on Aeromexico’s official website and contact customer service for assistance with any name change requests. Remember to have all necessary documents ready if your name change is due to legal reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 1) Can you change the passenger name on Aeromexico?
Yes, you are allowed to make changes to your name on Aeromexico by paying the required fees and service charges.

 2) What if there’s a typo in my name?
If it’s a minor correction, you can do it online and if there are any significant changes (e.g., legal name change), contact customer service and be prepared to provide supporting documentation.

3) Can I change my name via customer support?
Yes, call the Aeromexico service number mentioned below and, explain the situation, and the agent will guide you through the process without any hassle.

4) Is there a deadline for making name changes?
You are required to make changes to your name before your flight’s scheduled departure time.

 5) Can I get a refund if I need to cancel due to a name change?
No, cancellation due to name change might not qualify for refunds under any circumstance.

 6) How do I ensure accuracy when changing my name?
While you make corrections to your name make sure to double-check all the spellings and also ensure that first name and last name are not swapped.

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