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Aeromexico Web Check-In Policy Explained Simply

Aeromexico, the flag carrier airline of Mexico, understands that the journey begins long before you board the plane. Their check-in process is designed to be seamless, efficient, and tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a tech-savvy traveler or prefer the personal touch of an airport counter, Aeromexico has you covered. Let’s explore the Aeromexico web check-in policy that ensures a smooth start to your adventure.

Aeromexico Web Check-In Policy And Rules  

Aeromexico web check-in policy allows you to take control of your travel experience. You can check in online via their website or mobile app, at the counter, or at kiosks. Imagine sipping your morning coffee while securing your seat and printing your boarding pass; all from the comfort of your home.

  • International flights allow check-in 24 hours before departure, while domestic flights offer a 48-hour window.
  • Even if you’re flying on a Basic fare within Mexico, you can check in 24 hours before takeoff.
  • For those who appreciate a personal touch, Aeromexico provides airport counters where friendly staff assist with check-in.
  • But if you’re in a hurry or prefer self-service, look no further than the sleek kiosks at the airport. These digital helpers guide you through the process, printing your boarding pass and ensuring your bags are tagged correctly.

Who Can’t Check In Online?  

Some passengers are not allowed to check in online and must check in at the airport counter. Here is a list of those passengers:

  • Passengers traveling with pets in the cabin.
  • Unaccompanied minors.
  • Passengers with special needs require assistance.
  • Those who need to pay for additional services (like extra baggage).
  • Passengers with connecting flights operated by other airlines.
  • Passengers with group reservations.
  • Passengers with paper tickets.
  • Passengers with reservations involving multiple airlines.

Arrival Times, Check-In Deadlines, and More  

If you are willing to check in Aeromexico flights, you must be aware of the timings and the deadline outlined by the airline:

Domestic Check-In Times:

  • Arrival Times: Arrive at least 2 hours before your domestic flight. This gives you ample time to check in, clear security, and grab a pre-flight snack.
  • Check-In Deadlines: Remember, the 48-hour window for domestic flights starts ticking before departure. Don’t miss it!
  • Baggage Drop-Off: If you’ve already checked in online, drop off your bags at least 45 minutes before departure. Arrive a bit earlier during peak travel seasons.

International Check-In Times:

  • Arrival Times: For international flights, aim for 3 hours before departure. Customs and immigration procedures take time, and you don’t want to rush.
  • Check-In Deadlines: The 24-hour window applies here. Set a reminder—it’s your passport to a hassle-free journey.
  • Passport and Visa Check: Ensure your travel documents are in order. Aeromexico’s friendly staff will verify them during check-in.

How To Check-In For Aeromexico Flights?  

When embarking on a journey with Aeromexico, a smooth check-in process sets the tone for a stress-free travel experience. Whether you’re jetting off to explore a new city or returning home after an adventure, understanding the various check-in options ensures you’re well-prepared. Here, we will learn all the convenient methods for checking in before your flight: Online Web Check-in, Online Mobile Check-in, Self-service Kiosk Check-in, and Ticket Counter Check-in with detailed steps to follow along:

Online Web Check-in  

Aeromexico check-in online allows you to complete the check-in process conveniently from the comfort of your home or office. Here’s how to check in online:

  • Head to the official Aeromexico website.
  • Choose your preferred language for a seamless experience.
  • Use your credentials to log in.
  • Navigate to the “My Flight” section.
  • Provide your passenger name and booking reference number.
  • Click the check-in button to complete the process.
  • Don’t forget to enter your Aeromexico Rewards number to accumulate benefits.

Online Mobile Check-in  

For travelers on the go, Mobile Check-in offers flexibility and efficiency. You can do Aeromexico flight check in from anywhere with your mobile device. Follow these simple steps:

  • Install the Aeromexico app on your mobile device.
  • Use your credentials to log in.
  • Find your reservation within the app.
  • Enter passenger details and complete the check-in process.

Self-service Kiosk Check-In  

Self-service kiosks are available at most major airports, allowing you to breeze through the check-in process. At the airport, self-service kiosks provide a quick way to check-in. Here’s how it works:

  • Find an Aeromexico self-service kiosk at the airport.
  • Input your booking reference or ticket number.
  • Follow the prompts to print your boarding pass.
  • Also, if you have Aeromexico check-in baggage, make sure to print baggage tags.

Ticket Counter Check-in  

If you prefer a personal touch, visit the Aeromexico ticket counter and do an Aeromexico check-in by consulting an agent at the counter. Here’s what to do at the counter:

  • Head to the airport following the arrival time mentioned above.
  • Locate the Aeromexico ticket counter.
  • Present your booking reference or ticket number.
  • The friendly staff will assist you with check-in.
  • They will also check in your baggage and provide a printed boarding pass.


Aeromexico web check-in policy is your gateway to a stress-free start. Whether you’re a digital explorer or a face-to-face enthusiast, they’ve got you covered. So, next time you’re jetting off, remember to check in early, embrace the journey, and let Aeromexico whisk you away to new horizons!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I check in online for codeshare flights?
Yes, you can check in online for codeshare flights operated by Aeromexico. Use your Aeromexico reservation details for online check-in.

2) Are there any restrictions on baggage during online check-in?
Baggage policies remain the same whether you check in online or at the airport. Make sure to adhere to the baggage allowance and guidelines.

3) What information do I need for online check-in?
You’ll need either your 6-digit reservation reference or your 13-digit ticket number to find your reservation for online check-in. Don’t forget to enter your Aeromexico Rewards number to accumulate benefits.

4) What if I prefer to check in at the airport?
Aeromexico provides self-service kiosks at most airports. These kiosks allow you to check in quickly and print your boarding pass. Just follow the on-screen instructions and have your booking information ready.

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