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Air China Manage Booking | Seat Selection, Cancellation

Air China has been operational for US destinations from the year 1981 and is a member of Star Alliance and one of the flag carriers. Air China has a network of around 200 destinations worldwide. The airline is located in the city of Beijing and operates all its flights to US cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, New York, etc.) from there.

Air China also has a fifth freedom route 3 to Houston to Panama City. Air China uses 777-300ER, 787-9-747-8, and A330-2002 aircraft for US cities. These aircraft are special and contrasting in cabin classes and seat options.

Air China manage booking online as well as in offline mode. It also permits you to check the status of your flights, selection of seats, meals, baggage, and more on US to China flights.

What is Air China Airlines Manage Booking?

Air China Airlines furnishes suitable Manage My Trip service for travelers. With the help of this service, commuters can manage their bookings easily. Whether you wish to make changes to your flight date, destination, name, rebooking your flight, or cancellations and refunds, you can do it all here via Air China Manage Booking.

How to Use Air China to Manage Bookings?  

The flights to China from the USA are long, and if you face any trouble during the flight, you will be devastated, so better ensure you are aware of the steps to change your flight itinerary before you commence your travel.

Online Process:

Steps to check and change the bookings via the online process are:

  1. For managing booking on Air China in online mode.
  2. Go to the official website or open a mobile App.
  3. Click on Check My Bookings.
  4. Recover your booking details plus other flight information.
  5. Now choose the issue, make changes as desired, and save it.
  6. There might be applicable charges for the changes made to the current itinerary.

Note: This highlight is only provided to the passengers who have booked with the airline’s website.

Offline Process:

The offline process is a lengthy and time-consuming process, so ensure you take your time and visit the airport. For managing booking on Air China in Offline mode, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Land up at the Air China booking counter or connect with an agent.
  2. Inform them regarding the changes you are looking to amend.
  3. Share the booking information with the representative.
  4. Pay the charges or fees if any, as per the airline policy for the changes.
  5. Once the changes are made, a new itinerary will be shared.

Air China Flight Change Policy

Making changes to your flight date or destination is possible under these Flight change policies:

  • For making any changes in the ticket commuters must have a valid ticket.
  • These changes can be made within 24 hours from the purchase time.
  • As per the flight change policy, ticket change cost will be borne by the commuter if applicable and it may vary from $100 to $350 based on their price category.
  • To get a waiver on this policy, flight departure should be 7 days or more away.

Air China Cancellation Policy

Cancellations of your tickets will incur a cancellation fee if you are unaware of the policies, make sure to check them out here:

  • Air China provides full refunds for cancellations that are made within 24 hours of ticket purchase.
  • Passengers who have called off their flights will receive a subtraction from the booking at the initial period of 24 hours, and the entire amount will be provided as coupons for upcoming bookings.
  • If your ticket is non-refundable, you can cancel it for loyalty points.

Air China Refund Policy

Refunds are processed according to your fare type, and here are the refund policies you need to keep in mind:

  • Flyers can cancel the ticket within 48 hours from the purchase time. It’s applicable to unused tickets and also those that are booked at least one week before the scheduled departure through the Air China Website.
  • If the cancellation is done due to the reason under the control of Air China, you can receive involuntary refunds free of cost.
  • If you have requested refunds according to your own terms, you can receive voluntary refunds and will be liable to pay the refund fees.

Air China Rebooking Policy

Rebooking of flights can be considered under definite Situations by the Airlines. Here are the rebooking policies you must adhere to:

  • Rebooking and reissuing are pertinent for all the passengers on the same reservation.
  • The commuter has to pay the fare difference and administration charges.
  • In case of special services such as wheelchair assistance, Meals, and Seat Preferences wished on your original flight should be re-requisitioned after modifying your flight or by contacting the customer service center.
  • In case of compensation for delayed flights, one is not applicable for the reimbursement if the rearranged flight is less than one hour later and flights are delayed more than one to four hours. Then the airline will be compensating 200% of the one-way ticket price of $775 as compensation.

Air China Name Change Policy

If your name has been misprinted or has minor mistakes, you can opt to change it. Airlines’ name change policies differ under certain situations that are mentioned here:

  • It’s important to enter the exact name as mentioned on the Passport without using any punctuation and spaces while making changes to the current booking.
  • There are two options for changing the name after completing the payment.
  • Name Change Fee: Name change correction can be done after paying name change fees.
  • Purchase a new Ticket: As a replacement, a new ticket can be purchased.
  • Passengers can consult the official website of Air China for detailed information.

Air China Baggage Policy

Air China has a fixed set of guidelines for baggage weight policy. And if you wish to get a deep knowledge, make sure to check out the baggage policies of Air China:

  • Air China offers flyers to check in up to two pieces of baggage for free, each baggage should not be more than 23 Kg (50 lbs) and with a total linear proportion of 158cm (62 in).
  • Air China provides two pieces of carry-on baggage weighing no more than 8 KG (17 lbs) and with a total linear proportion of 115 CM (45 in).
  • If you are flying via flights to China in the First/Business Class, you can carry checked baggage weighing up to 32 Kg(70 lb).

Air China Seat Selection Policy

You will be in joy if you get to select your seats on board. So before selecting make sure to check the seat selection policies:

  • Travelers can select their desired seats while booking their tickets or can select later from Air China’s official website.
  • Air China offers seat selection to passengers who are economy class travelers whose seats start with”999” and whose flight numbers start with “CA.”
  • If you are an Air China PhoenixMiles Platinum Card member, you can choose your seat in economy class for free.

Air China Check-In Policy

Checking in for your flight must be done on time, if not, you might miss your flight. So make sure to go through these Air China Check-in policies before flying:

  • Air China offers two options for airport check-in as well as online check-in.
  • If you are checking in online, you can do it from 36 hours before departure up to 2 hours before.
  • You can cancel your check-in ten times before checking in finally for your flight, and this must be done at least 2 hours before international travel and 1 hour before domestic travel.


Air China classifies the customer needs, quality & standard of the flight, and most importantly, security and wellbeing of the passengers. You have the excellent Air China manage booking option that you can use to make all kinds of changes in the comfort of your home. If you face any trouble you can directly contact China Airlines customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I change my flight within 24 hours of booking?
Yes, Changes can be made to the current booking within 24 hours from the purchase time.

2) What happens if I cancel my Air China flight after 24 hours?
After subtracting the late charges after 24 Hours, an electronic coupon will be given for the remaining amount to the passengers.

3) What is Air China’s seat selection process?
Seat selection can be done during the booking or later from the official website of Air China.

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