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Air France Pet Travel Policy

Furry friends are adorable and often travel happily with their owners, however, some of them pose serious threats to other passengers. So such breeds are restricted from flying according to Air France pet travel policy. However, Air France allows a variety of breeds to travel with them. Here in this article, we will explain every single detail you need to know before booking your pet on Air France.

Air France Pet Travel Policy and Rules

When planning to fly with your pet on Air France, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the specific Air France pet policy and rules that the airline has in place. These guidelines are designed to guarantee the safety and well-being of your pet throughout the journey.

  • Notify Air France when booking your flight if you’re traveling with a pet.
  • Pets weighing less than 8kg, including the transport bag, can travel in the Air France pet in cabin.
  • Larger pets can travel in the Air France pet cargo in a crate meeting specific criteria.
  • Pets traveling within the EU must have a microchip and all required vaccines.
  • Pets must meet the minimum age requirements depending on the destination.
  • Certain breeds, especially snub-nosed animals, may have travel restrictions due to health concerns.

How to Add Pets to Your Booking?

Booking a pet on Air France requires attention to detail and an understanding of the airline’s specific procedures. Whether you’re planning ahead or making arrangements after booking your tickets, here’s how you can ensure your pet is ready for their journey.

1) Booking Pets While Making Your Own Booking

When you’re ready to venture on a journey with Air France and wish to bring your pet along, it’s crucial to consider their travel arrangements during your initial booking process. Here’s how to do it:

  • While booking your flight on Air France’s official website, indicate that you will be traveling with a pet.
  • Choose the appropriate option for your pet’s travel, whether in the cabin or in the hold.
  • Provide details about your pet, including breed, size, and any special requirements.
  • Review and comply with the airline’s pet travel guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for your companion.

2) Booking Pets After Your Own Booking

If you’ve already booked your flight but decide to take your pet with you, follow these steps to add them to your reservation:

  • Contact Air France Customer Service by phone to inform them about your pet’s travel. This service is available every day via the number mentioned below.
  • Provide the necessary details about your pet and choose their travel option based on size and weight.
  • Pay the required Air France pet travel fee, which varies according to your destination.
  • Ensure that all pet travel requirements are met, including the carrier specifications and health documentation.

Carrier and Pet Size Limitations

Air France has specific requirements for pet carriers to ensure the safety and comfort of your animal during the flight-

  • Air France pet carrier dimensions: The carrier must not exceed 46 cm in length, 28 cm in width, and 24 cm in height. For flexible carriers, the height can be slightly higher if it can be pressed down.
  • Weight Limit: The combined weight of your pet and its carrier should not exceed 8 kg.
  • Hold Carrier Dimensions: For pets traveling in the hold, the carrier must be made of hard plastic or fiberglass and allow the animal to stand and turn around comfortably.

Fees Charged for Carrying Pets Onboard

Air France requires a flat fee for pet travel, which varies according to your destination. The Air France pet travel cost is not included in the price of your ticket and must be paid at the airport.

Here are the fees charged for booking your pets for these routes for both hold and in-cabin-

Flights within Metropolitan France

  • In the hold: €100
  • In the cabin: €70

Flight within the Caribbean (between Atlanta, Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Miami, Pointe-a-Pitre, Port-au-Prince, and Santo Domingo)

  • In the hold: €200
  • In the cabin: €125

Flights in Europe or between Europe and North Africa, including Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

  • In the hold: €200
  • In the cabin: €125

Flights between Metropolitan France and Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-a-Pitre, Saint-Denis de La  Réunion

  • In the hold: €200
  • In the cabin: €125

Other flights

  • In the hold: €400
  • In the cabin: €200


Air France pet travel policy is designed to ensure that your pet travels safely and comfortably. Whether your pet is small enough to stay with you in the cabin or needs to travel in the hold, Air France provides clear guidelines on how to prepare for your journey. Remember to consider the fees associated with pet travel and make the necessary arrangements well in advance to enjoy a stress-free trip with your beloved animal companion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Are there any breed restrictions for pets traveling on Air France?
Yes, snub-nosed pets such as Bulldogs, Boxers, Pekinese, or Persian cats may have travel restrictions due to health concerns.

2) How do I book a flight for my pet on Air France?
Notify Air France that you will be traveling with a pet when you book your flight, either online or by contacting customer service.

3) Does Air France allow pets in cabin?
Yes, pets can travel in the cabin in a crate that meets specific criteria.

4) What are the requirements for pets traveling within the European Union?
Pets must be identified by a microchip, be at least 15 weeks old, have all required vaccines, and possess a European passport.

5) Air France travel with pets, how many of them are allowed?
You can carry only one animal per container and per person in the cabin and up to three animals per person in the hold.

6) What documents do I need to present at the airport for my pet?
You will need to present the “Conditions for transporting a dog or cat in the hold” form, which must be printed and filled out prior to departure.

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