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Alaska Airlines Infant Policy

Traveling with an infant can be a daunting task, but Alaska Airlines strives to make the experience as smooth as possible for parents and their little ones. With thoughtful Alaska Airlines infant policy in place, the airline ensures safety, comfort, and convenience for families on the go.

What is Alaska Airlines Infant Policy?  

If you have a child ready to travel with you, you must be extra prepared for it. Traveling with infants is not an easy task, and there are various restrictions and regulations that you need to follow. This is what the Alaska Airlines infant policy is all about.

Alaska Airlines Infant Policy And Rules  

The rules set by Alaska Airlines infant policy depict how you are allowed to carry your infant on the lap. Here, we have mentioned all the rules you need to follow:

  • Infants can travel from any age, but it’s recommended to check with a doctor if unsure about traveling with very young infants. Children are considered infants until their second birthday.
  • Each adult having a confirmed seat may travel with one lap infant. To add a lap infant to your reservation, you need to call Alaska Airlines Reservations.
  • There are specific seating restrictions for lap infants on different flights due to the location of extra oxygen masks. For example, on Alaska Airlines flights 1-1999, only one Alaska Airlines lap infant is permitted per row.
  • A diaper bag will count toward the standard carry-on limit of the ticketed adult passenger when traveling with a lap infant. Lap infants do not have their own carry-on allowance.
  • If you are in First Class cabin with lap infant, the infants are not eligible for complimentary meals.
  • If you are traveling with any of the partner airlines where the ticket is booked via Alaska’s official website, then you will have to book a seat for the infant as well.
  • Alaska Airlines infant on lap are not permitted to sit on the emergency exit row.
  • Seats are not always guaranteed seats, but if there is any vacant seat, they can occupy it without any extra charges.

How To Book An Alaska Ticket For A Lap Child?  

Booking a ticket for an Alaska Airlines traveling with infant is a straightforward process that can be completed through various methods. Here’s how you can ensure your little one is all set for their journey-

1) Making Bookings Online  

Booking online is convenient and can be done from the comfort of your home. To book a ticket for a lap child on Alaska Airlines’ website, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Alaska Airlines website.
  • You can now start the flight booking process by entering your travel details.
  • When prompted, indicate that you will be traveling with an infant.
  • Complete the booking for the adult ticket.
  • After booking, call Alaska Airlines reservations at the number mentioned below with your confirmation code to add the lap child to your reservation.

2) Making Bookings via Customer Support  

If you prefer personal assistance or have specific questions, booking through customer support is an excellent choice. Here’s how to book a ticket for a lap child via customer support:

  • Call Alaska Airlines Reservations at the number shown below.
  • Provide the representative with your desired travel details.
  • Inform them that you will be traveling with a lap child.
  • The representative will assist you in booking your ticket and adding the lap child to your reservation.

3) Making Bookings at the Airport  

For those who are on the go or are flying with infant Alaska Airlines, booking at the airport is a viable option. To book a ticket for a lap child at the airport, you can:

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines ticket counter at the airport.
  • Speak with an airline representative and provide your travel details.
  • Let them know you will be traveling with a lap child.
  • The representative will book your ticket and ensure the lap child is added to your reservation.

Fees For Carrying Infants On Board  

If infants are traveling within the United States, they will be able to fly free of cost. However, if you are traveling internationally, there will be fees that you will have to pay for carrying infants on board. Here we have listed the fees for flying with infant Alaska Airlines:

  • Travel from Belize- approximately $54 USD
  • Travel from Canada- approximately $18 USD
  • Travel from Costa Rica- approximately $50 USD
  • Travel from Mexico- approximately $18 USD
  • Travel from Nassau- approximately $19 USD
  • Travel from Guatemala- approximately $51 USD


Alaska Airlines offers comprehensive policies for traveling with infants, focusing on safety and comfort. Parents can travel with infants on their laps, subject to certain conditions and seating restrictions. While domestic lap infants travel for free, international travel requires payment of applicable taxes and fees. It’s advisable to review the latest policies on Alaska Airlines’ official website or contact customer service for the most current information and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I use the child restraint system onboard?
Yes, it is highly recommended that you use a child restraint system that is approved by the FAA.

2)Where are child restraint systems not permissible?
If you are traveling with an infant and carry a Child-restraint system. They are not permitted in

  • Any aisle seat
  • Emergency exit rows
  • “A” seats in rows 1-4 on flights operated with Embraer E175 aircraft.

3) What are the requirements for a child restraint system to be used onboard?
The child restraint system to be used onboard must bear both of the following labels:

  • It must conform to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards and
  • It must be certified for use in aircraft and motor vehicles (in red lettering).

4) Which is the best seat to use the child restraint system?
The window seat is the best location for a child restraint system. However, you can also use it in the middle seat if it does not block the aisle seat.

 5) Can I carry an extra carry-on for a lap Infant?
Lap infants are not entitled to their own carry-on allowance, so you can bring carry-ons on the ticket of the adult itself.

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