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Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Delta is one of the major airlines operating majorly in the US and over all the continents in the world. Along with your flying, Delta with the Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policy allows you to bring your furry companion with you in the cabin. If they are a little big, you can still carry them in the cargo. No matter where you carry your pet, they are required to fit in the carrier and have a proper certification for vaccination. The rest of the details you will learn in this article below.

Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policy and Rules

Delta Airlines welcomes pets on board, recognizing that they are an important part of many families. The airline allows small dogs, cats, and household birds to travel in the cabin for a one-way fee, collected at check-in. To ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers, including pets, the airline has set forth the Delta Airlines pet travel policy:

  • Pets must be able to fit in a soft-sided ventilated pet kennel that can be placed under the seat directly in front of the owner.
  • The pet must be at least 8 weeks old for domestic travel and 16 weeks old if traveling to the U.S. from another country, with a minimum age of 15 weeks for travel to the European Union.
  • One pet is permitted per kennel, with exceptions for a female cat or dog traveling with her un-weaned litter or two pets of the same breed and size between 8 weeks and 6 months old, provided they fit into a single kennel and are compatible.
  • Delta also emphasizes that failure to comply with all pet policies may result in the loss of the ability to travel with your pet on future flights.

1) Sitting Restrictions For Pets

If you are traveling with your pets in the cabin, you are not allowed to select the various seats for your pets. This is due to some security concerns and the well-being of other passengers. So here are the seats you are not allowed to select:

  • Bulkhead seats.
  • An emergency exit row.
  • Seats designated as “no stowage”.
  • Flat-bed or Delta One seat.
  • Rows 46-51 on the A330-200 aircraft.
  • Rows 54-59 on the A330 -300 aircraft.
  • Center seats on the B757-200 aircraft.

2) Size and Weight Allowance for Pets

When it comes to the size and weight of pets, Delta Airlines has specific allowances to ensure that pets can travel comfortably and safely:

  • The maximum Delta Airlines pet carrier sizes are 18 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 11 inches high.
  • The total added weight of the pet and carrier can not be more than 20 pounds.
  • These restrictions are in place to fit the pet carrier under the seat and to comply with safety regulations.

Delta Airlines Pet Policy For Military Personnel and Service Animals

Delta Airlines offers a specialized Delta Airlines pet policy for U.S. Military members and U.S. State Department Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) to assist them when they are on active transfer orders. Recognizing the unique circumstances of military life, Delta allows these individuals to check their pets as baggage, ensuring that they can travel together with their families during relocations.

Here are some key points about Delta Airlines pet travel for Military personnel:

  • Eligibility: The policy is exclusive to active U.S. Military or Active U.S. State Department FSOs and their spouses.
  • Advance Booking: If you are traveling with service pets, they must be booked as checked baggage at least 48 hours before arrival.
  • Fees: There is a Delta Airlines pet fee for checking pets, which varies depending on the destination. For example, travel within the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico incurs a fee of $200 USD, while international travel to Canada or the Caribbean has the same fee in USD, CAD, or EUR, and travel to Brazil is $150 USD.
  • Accepted Animals: Cats (excluding snub-nosed cats), dogs (excluding pug or snub-nosed dogs), household birds (domestic U.S. only), guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters can be checked as baggage. Other animals must be shipped as Delta Airlines pet cargo.
  • Crate Requirements: The crate must meet USDA and IATA guidelines, providing enough room for the pet to stand, sit, turn around, and lie down naturally. Crates must be constructed of rigid materials and should not have wheels unless they are removed or rendered inoperable.

Shipping Pets Via Cargo on Delta Airlines

If you are on Delta flying with pets and your pet is large for the cabin, you can ship them to the destination in the cargo hold. This process is simple, and here we have mentioned the important things you need to care for

1) Eligibility and Booking

For traveling pets as cargo, your pet must meet the following eligibility criteria-

  • Until further notice, Delta allows the shipment of pets only for active U.S. Military or U.S. State Department Foreign Service Offices (FSO) personnel traveling with permanent change of station orders.
  • If you meet these requirements, you can book your pet’s travel by contacting the Delta Cargo Customer Service Center.
  • Service dogs that can’t be accommodated in the cabin are an exception.

2) Pet Transport Guidelines

The Delta Airlines pet policy for traveling pets as cargo is as follows:

  • Pets shipped via cargo can only be booked 14 days prior to departure.
  • Pets are not guaranteed to be shipped on the same flight as the customer.
  • Drop-off and pick-up for pets must be done at a Delta Cargo location, separate from passenger check-in.
  • Arrive at the cargo facility 4 to 6 hours before scheduled departure for domestic travel and 6 hours for international travel.
  • If you are traveling internationally, you must use a pet shipper approved by the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association(IPATA).

3) Health Requirements

There are certain health requirements that pets must meet to be shipped as cargo:

  • Delta Airlines flying with pets must be transported in compliant travel crates that allow them to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around.
  • Acclimate your pet to confinement, which may take weeks to months.
  • Obtain a health certificate from a USDA-accredited veterinarian within 10 days of travel.
  • For international travel, an international health certificate is required.

4) Understanding Risks

You must fill out a form of undertaking under which you acknowledge and agree to assume the risks of traveling with your pet as cargo. Here are the risks that you might be concerned about:

  • Transport via cargo can be stressful for animals due to unfamiliar environments and movements.
  • Risks include illness, injury, escape, or, in rare cases, death.


Delta Airlines offers a pet-friendly travel policy that allows small pets to accompany their owners in the cabin. With clear guidelines on kennel size, pet age, and weight restrictions, Delta ensures a safe and comfortable journey for all. It’s important for pet owners to familiarize themselves with Delta Airlines pet travel policy and prepare accordingly to enjoy a hassle-free flight with their pets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the deadline for pet check-in?
Your pets shipping via cargo must be checked in by 2.5 hours prior to departure for domestic travel and 4 hours prior to departure for international travel.

2) Which breed of pets are not allowed on Delta Airlines cargo?
Delta Airlines does not allow Brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dogs, cats, and their mixes to be shipped via cargo.

3) What should I do for pets before shipping them via cargo?
If your pet is being shipped via cargo, make sure to feed them within 4 hours of check-in and also provide them with food along with instructions for a 24-hour period for any in-transit feeding requirements.

4) What are the kennel requirements for pets in the cabin?
The kennel must be soft-sided, ventilated, and fit under the seat. It should allow the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

5) Can I check my pet as baggage?
Currently, Delta allows pets to be shipped as cargo rather than checked baggage. This is available only for active U.S. Military or U.S. State Department Foreign Service Officers with transfer orders.

6) How do I book my pet’s travel on Delta?
For carry-on pets, contact Delta Reservations as soon as possible after booking your flight. For pets as cargo, contact the Delta Cargo Customer Service Center via the number mentioned below on this page.

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