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Finnair Airlines Manage Booking | Modify Your Flight Trips

Finnair Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Finland. It spans its network across domestic as well as international destinations. Now while flying with the airlines you might sometimes encounter problems that can be tough to tackle. Here you can directly contact customer support to get help. And if you wish to do the same all by yourself you can use the Finnair Airlines Manage Booking.

What is Finnair Airlines Manage Booking?  

Finnair Airways Manage Booking is a user-friendly feature designed to empower passengers with control over their flight details. This convenient option allows travelers to make adjustments to their reservations, ensuring a seamless travel experience. From modifying flight dates to selecting preferred seats, the amazing option puts the passenger in the driver’s seat.

How to Use Finnair Airlines to Manage Bookings?  

Using Finnair Airlines manage booking option is an easy-to-use and effective way to make changes to your itinerary. Here are the processes that will allow you to make the necessary changes:

Online Process

To initiate changes online, log in to the Finnair official website or mobile app.

  • Navigate to the “Manage booking” section, usually located on the home page.
  • Provide your last name and booking reference to retrieve your booking information.
  • Once your booking is retrieved, choose the specific details you want to modify.
  • After making the necessary adjustments, review the changes and confirm to update your booking.
  • If required, pay any necessary fees and then download your itinerary.

Offline Process

If you prefer making changes offline, head to the Finnair counter at the airport.

  • Furnish your last name and booking reference to the staff to access your reservation.
  • Communicate the modifications you wish to make, whether it’s a flight date change or seat preference.
  • The Finnair airport staff will guide you through the process and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Before finalizing, double-check the changes with the staff to ensure accuracy.

Finnair Airlines Flight Change Policy

Finnair Airlines understands that plans can change. Here’s a concise overview of their Flight Change Policy:

  • Finnair offers flexibility, allowing passengers to change their flight dates if needed.
  • Depending on the fare type, passengers may be subject to change fees.
  • To avoid additional fees, consider making changes online through the Manage Booking section on the official website or app.
  • Flight changes are subject to availability, and certain fare types may have specific time restrictions.

Finnair Airlines Cancellation Policy

When plans take an unexpected turn, Finnair’s Cancellation Policy provides clarity:

  • Passengers can cancel their flights through the Manage Booking section on the official website or by contacting Finnair.
  • You can make your cancellations for free within 24 hours of booking.
  • Assess your eligibility for a refund based on your fare conditions.
  • To maximize refund possibilities, cancel your flight well within the specified timeframes.

Finnair Airlines Refund Policy & Fees

If you have canceled your tickets you might want your refunds as soon as possible. Refer below to understand the nuances of Finnair’s Refund Policy:

  • Finnair’s refund policy is contingent on various factors, including fare conditions and timing.
  • Once a refund is initiated, allow some time for processing. The duration may vary based on the payment method and other factors.
  • Depending on the circumstances, refund fees may be deducted from the total refund amount.

Finnair Airlines Rebooking Policy

Sometimes you might need to cancel and rebook your flights according to your needs. So these rebooking policies will help you a lot:

  • Passengers can explore flexible rebooking options through the Manage Booking section on the official website or by contacting Finnair.
  • Depending on the fare type and specific circumstances, rebooking fees may be applicable.
  • To streamline the process and potentially avoid additional fees, consider rebooking online through the official website or app.

Finnair Airlines Name Change Policy

Sometimes humans can make errors while registering your name with the itinerary. So you must take action and make changes accordingly. Here are the name change policies you need to learn:

  • Finnair typically restricts name changes due to security and regulatory reasons.
  • In exceptional cases, such as legal name changes, Finnair may accommodate name corrections.
  • If a name change is possible, be prepared to provide relevant documentation supporting the change.

Finnair Airlines Baggage Policy

Carrying luggage with you is a necessity and according to your travel plans, you might have more luggage than allowed. So check out the Finnair Airlines baggage allowance here:

  • Depending on your fare type and the travel routes and destination, you might be allowed to carry 0-3 checked baggage along with you.
  • The checked baggage must not weigh more than 23 Kg (50lb) or have external dimensions of more than 90cm x 75cm x 45cm (35in x 30in x 18in).
  • You can carry one carry-on bag and one small bag with you in the cabin.
  • The carry-on bag must not exceed the size limit of 55cm x 40cm x 23cm (22in x 16in x 9in) and the small bag must not exceed the size limit of 40cm x 30cm x 15cm (16in x 12in x 6in).
  • The maximum allowed weight combining both carry-on bag and small bag is 8/12kg (17.5/26.5lb.).

Finnair Airlines Seat Selection Policy

If you are looking forward to selecting your seats in advance, here are the policies you need to keep in mind:

  • Finnair provides various seat selection options, including standard seats, extra legroom seats, and preferred seats. Explore these choices during the booking process or through Manage Booking.
  • Some seat categories may involve additional fees. Check the official website or Manage Booking for the latest information on seat selection fees.
  • To secure your preferred seat, consider making reservations early, either during the initial booking or through the Manage Booking feature.

Finnair Airlines Check-in Policy

If you are checking in with Finnair Airlines you might need information about the timings. Doing your check-in on time is very crucial so check out these Finnair Airlines Check-in policies:

  • If you wish to check in online, you can do that 36 hours before departure.
  • While checking in at the airport you will have to do that usually 1 hour before departure (Depending on the destination type).
  • Make sure to reach the boarding gates at least 15 minutes before the departure.


The Finnair Airlines Manage Booking online option is now the best way to manage your booking without even having to leave your comfort zone. So if you now have any itinerary changes you can do it right from your phone. This option has helped many passengers save their precious time and money and get their job done quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Who can not carry carry-on bags on board?
Except for passengers traveling in Economy Superlite fare type, all other passengers are allowed to carry carry-on bags.

2) What is the charge for carrying an oversized/overweight carry-on bag onboard?
A fee of €60 will be collected if you carry any oversized/overweight carry-on bag onboard.

3) When is the BagDrop option available?
The bag Drop option opens at the latest 2 hours before departure for all passengers.

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