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What to Do if Spirit Cancelled My Flight Last Minute?

Travel plans can be exciting, but when an airline cancels your flight at the last minute, it can be incredibly frustrating. Spirit Airlines, like any other carrier, occasionally faces disruptions due to weather, operational issues, or other unforeseen circumstances. In this article, we’ll explore the steps to be taken immediately after Spirit cancelled my flight last minute and the compensation entitled to.

What to Do Immediately After Spirit Cancels My Flight?

If Spirit cancels my flight at the last minute, even I would have been in a rage. However, that is not the solution, as it will worsen the situation. So here are the things you can do just after your flight has been canceled:

Stay Calm and Informed

Take a deep breath and remain calm. Flight cancellations happen, and panicking won’t help. Check your email or phone for notifications from Spirit. They usually inform passengers about cancellations promptly.

Contact Spirit Airlines

  • Dial Spirit Airlines’ customer service number mentioned below to discuss your options.
  • Ask about rebooking on the next available flight or alternative routes.

Check for Alternatives

  • Use the Spirit Airlines website or app to explore other flights on the same day or nearby dates.
  • Consider nearby airports or connecting flights.

Accommodation and Meals

If your flight is delayed overnight, Spirit may provide accommodation. Confirm this with the airline. Keep receipts for any additional expenses (meals, hotel, transportation) incurred due to the cancellation.

Compensations for Spirit Cancelling My Flight at the Last Moment

If you are willing to find more details on Spirit compensation for cancelled flight, you are at the right place. Here, we have listed down all the compensations you are entitled to if Spirit cancelled my flight last minute.

Refund or Rebooking:

If Spirit cancels your flight, you have two options you can choose from:

  • You can accept a rebooking on the flight that is available next.
  • Cancel your booking entirely and make a Spirit refund request, which may be credited back to your original form of payment or as a Spirit Airlines flight credit.

Compensation for Delayed Flights:

  • Spirit Airlines doesn’t typically offer monetary compensation for flight delays. However, timely updates, assistance, and rebooking are prioritized to minimize aggravation.
  • Compensation depends on the type of flight and duration of delay. You can file a claim if the flight is delayed more than three hours.

EU Passenger Rights (for EU Flights):

  • According to EU law, passengers may be eligible for up to €600 compensation for flights delayed, canceled, or overbooked.
  • You must collect proof like photos and receipts and check eligibility using online compensation calculators.

Does Spirit Rebook Cancelled Flights?

When Spirit Airlines cancels your flight, you surely have the option to rebook. However, you must adhere to the rules for rebooking:

  • Accept a Rebooking: Spirit will typically work with you to find an alternative flight that gets you to your destination as soon as possible. They may also provide options to rebook on another airline if necessary. If you do not want to pay extra for rebooking, you must rebook with the same origin and destination, and the rebooking is made within the date range of 7 days.
  • Request a Refund: If you prefer not to rebook, you can cancel your booking entirely and request a refund. The refund may be credited back to your original form of payment or as a Spirit Airlines flight credit.

What to Do to Avoid Loss in Last-Minute Cancellations

Last-minute cancellations can be frustrating, especially if the airlines unexpectedly make those cancellations. However, there are ways to avoid loss or obtain a minimum amount of loss-

  • Purchase Cancel For Any Reason: If you have purchased Cancel For Any Reason which covers either 100% coverage or 80% coverage according to your wish. Now, you have the option to cancel your tickets and claim either 80% of the total amount or 100% of the total amount. In both conditions, you can claim 100% of the initial cost as a 1-year reservation credit.
  • Create a Clear Cancellation Policy: Make sure to go through the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy in detail, which outlines cancellation deadlines and fees. Guests who cancel within 24 hours of booking (for flights seven or more days away) may be eligible for a full refund or a reservation credit.
  • Flexible Booking Options: Offer flexibility to encourage rescheduling rather than outright cancellations. Consider length-of-stay restrictions to manage bookings effectively.
  • Explore Cancellation Insurance: Consider insurance to cover unexpected losses due to cancellations. It can act as a safety net for significant financial setbacks.


Many passengers go through this- Spirit cancelled my flight last minute and has no idea what to do next. Facing a last-minute flight cancellation can be stressful, but knowing your rights and taking proactive steps can make a difference. Stay informed, contact Spirit Airlines promptly, and explore your options. While monetary compensation isn’t guaranteed, understanding the process empowers you as a passenger. Remember, flexibility and patience go a long way when dealing with flight disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why did Spirit cancel my flight?
There are various reasons for an Airline to cancel your flight like bad weather conditions, overbooking for flights, delays in operations, and many more. So for a specific reason for your flight to be canceled, you can contact Spirit Airlines customer support and enquire about it.

2) Do I need to be an expert on Spirit Airlines policies to claim compensation?
No, you don’t need to be an expert. Use a free Compensation Calculator to determine how much you are owed and start your claim.

3) What if my Spirit Airlines flight was delayed by at least two hours?
If the new schedule no longer works for you, you can request a refund for the whole trip if you haven’t flown any segments yet. Or request a credit for future travel on Spirit.

4) Is there a time limit for claiming compensation for a Spirit Airlines flight disruption?
Yes, you can claim compensation for disrupted flights up to 3 years old.

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