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Sun Country Airlines Name Change Policy

Sun Country Airlines offers a customer-centric approach to air travel, ensuring that passengers’ needs are met with flexibility and convenience. Understanding that plans can change, Sun Country Airlines name change policy provides a clear and straightforward process for changing the name, allowing passengers to modify their bookings with ease.

Sun Country Airlines Name Change Policy

Did you get your name printed wrong in a hurry? Or misplace the first name with the last? No worries! You can change your name easily with the airlines. However, this depends totally on the fare type you have purchased. The airlines take special care of customers who buy higher-class tickets with them via the Sun Country Airlines name change policy.

Sun Country Airlines Name Change Policy Highlights

When it comes to making name changes to your flight reservation, Sun Country Airlines name change policy implements specific rules to ensure a smooth process-

  • If anyone else tries to board the plane on your ticket, the ticket will be subject to confiscation and will be ineligible for any refund.
  • Name corrections are complimentary for all passengers booked directly via Sun Country Airlines.
  • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to change their names on the ticket.
  • If you are traveling with infants, your booking will not be eligible for a name change policy.
  • Name changes must be completed within a specified timeframe before the flight’s departure.

Types of Name Change Policy at Sun Country Airlines

Making changes to your reservations will be available either online or via the website. If you wish to continue changing your name you will be charged according to the travel class you have booked your tickets in. The Sun Country Airlines Name Change Policy is designed for every person facing the issue with name changes. There are several conditions under which you might need to change your name. Below, we have mentioned all the situations where you will have to change your name-

1) Spelling Errors in Name

Sun Country clearly states that if you have a spelling mistake of not more than 3 letters, then you are eligible to get your name changed at Sun Country’s website. The process of changing your name according to the Sun Country Airlines Name Change Policy is simple and will require certain documents to make sure you justify your claims.

2) Missing Letters in the Name

Sometimes due to typing mistakes, there is a possibility of some letters being typed incorrectly. If your name has a missing letter or a letter is wrong in either the last or first name. You can get it changed for free at the Sun Country’s website.

3) First/Last Name Swap

This error can happen often and you have to suffer consequences if not corrected. If your first and last name have been swapped, you can get to the Sun Country’s website and get your name changed for free.

4) Name Changes Due to Marriage

You might have booked your tickets using your former surname and now your IDs have been changed according to your new surname, most probably due to marriage. In this condition, you will have to visit the Sun Country’s website and present your updated ID to get your name changed for free.

How to Change Name on Sun Country?

By following the Sun Country Airlines name change policy you can easily manage your name on the ticket. And being eager for the steps to follow is crucial as many passengers do not know how to do so. So for your convenience, we have listed down the methods along with the steps you can follow to make changes to your name.

1) Name Change via Phone Call

If you need personal assistance, customer support is ready to help with Sun Country change name on ticket. Here are the steps you will have to follow:

  • Reach out to Sun Country Airlines’ customer support via phone or email. Contact details can be found on their official website.
  • Be ready to provide your booking reference and personal details for verification.
  • Clearly state the name change request to the customer support representative.
  • The representative will guide you through the process and confirm once the changes have been made.

2) Name Change via Airport

For last-minute changes or if you prefer dealing with changes in person, you can make name changes at the airport:

  • Arrive at the airport and head to the Sun Country Airlines ticket counter.
  • Present your booking information and identification to the airline staff.
  • Inform the staff member of the name change required for your flight.
  • The staff will process the change and provide you with confirmation of the update.

3) Name Change Online

For those who prefer the convenience of the internet, changing your name on a Sun Country Airlines flight online is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Access the Sun Country Airlines website and log into your Sun Country Rewards member profile.
  • Navigate to ‘My Trips’ and select the booking you wish to update.
  • Click on the option to edit traveler details. You can update the name for up to eight travelers in your profile.
  • After making the necessary name changes, ensure to save the changes and confirm the update.

4) Transfer the Ticket to Another Person

The airline strictly denies the transfer of tickets to any other person. If you have booked the ticket in your name, you are the one responsible for boarding and travel. If anyone else is found boarding the plane on your ticket, they will be denied boarding and the ticket will be seized without any refunds.

Sun Country Airlines Name Change Fees

Sun Country Airlines aims to keep fees to a minimum. However, passengers should be aware that Sun Country Airlines name change fee can apply only for tickets booked outside of SunCountry Airlines, like third-party websites. The fee structure is designed to be transparent and is available for review on the airline’s official website.


Sun Country Airlines understands that flexibility is key when traveling. Sun Country Airlines name change policy is designed to accommodate passengers who need to make adjustments to their bookings. With straightforward rules and reasonable fees, Sun Country ensures that the process of changing a name on a ticket is as stress-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What documents do I need to provide for a name change on my Sun Country Airlines ticket?
You may be required to provide legal documentation, such as a marriage certificate, court order, government-issued ID, and others, to support a name change on your Sun Country Airlines ticket.

2) Can I change my name on a Sun Country Airlines flight at the airport?
Yes, you can request a name change at the Sun Country Airlines ticket counter at the airport.

3) Will I receive a confirmation after changing my name on a booking?
Yes, whether you change your name online, via customer support, or at the airport, you will receive a confirmation of the update.

4) Is it possible to transfer my Sun Country ticket to another person?
No, tickets are non-transferable and cannot be reassigned to another person under any circumstance.

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