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Turkish Airlines Manage Booking | Your Flight, Your Way

Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Turkey and operates in over 120 countries, covering more than 340 destinations. It counts among the top global airlines and has a safety rating ranked among the top-most safest airlines. So if you ask is Turkish Airlines good? You have already got your answer. However, many traveling through Turkish Airlines face situations where they need to change their itinerary so as to ensure a seamless travel experience. You can make use of Turkish Airlines manage booking to make changes to your itinerary.

What is Turkish Airlines Manage Booking?

Changes like date, destination, origin, seats, name, cancellation, refunds, rebooking and many more to count all fall under the Turkish Airlines manage booking option. These changes are subject to fare types and can incur fare differences and additional fees accordingly.

How to Use Turkish Airlines to Manage Bookings?  

The Turkish Airlines manage booking option provides you the flexibility of making changes without any stress. So if you wish to change any of the details on the itinerary, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below-

Online Process

If you opt for the online process of making changes you will have to have access to a personal mobile or desktop. Here are the steps you will have to follow after that:

  • Access the official website or the mobile app.
  • Now enter your booking details and access your itinerary.
  • Here you can make the desired changes like date, name, addition of extra services, special requests, and many more.
  • According to your changes, if there are any fees incurred on the itinerary, make payment for it.
  • Now you will be able to download your newly updated itinerary and print it for use at the boarding gate.

Offline Process

The offline process involves all other ways that you can get in touch with the airlines and get your itinerary changed. Here are the processes by which you can contact the airlines for changes:

  • Call the toll-free Turkish Airlines phone number and consult the agent at the other end about the changes you wish to make.
  • The help desk at the airport can also get your itinerary changed by consulting the agent there. They will make changes and provide you newly printed Turkish Airlines itinerary.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

Have your plans changed suddenly, and you wish to fly on another date or to another destination? Worry not, and these Turkish Airlines flight change policies will get your job done in no time:

  • Making changes to EcoFly tickets are not allowed.
  • ExtraFly tickets can be changed for 60 EUR/70 USD.
  • For domestic flights, changes made 12 hours or more will not incur any fees.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Canceling your flight depends on situations either in the control of the airlines or in the control of the passenger. Here are the cancellation policies you must be aware of:

  • For passengers traveling in Promotional, Business Promotional, and EcoFly fares, no cancellation or refund is permitted.
  • Rest all other international fares are cancellable and refundable for certain fees.
  • For flights to/from the USA, you will have a 24-hour rule for cancellation and refunds.

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy & Fees

The refunds you claim for your cancellation or the cancellation made by the airlines are subject to additional fees according to the fare type. Here are the refund policies you must adhere to:

  1. The tickets Promotional, Business Promotional, and EcoFly do not allow you to get refunds.
  2. The 24-hour free cancellation applies to flights to/from the USA, and you can cancel your flights for a full refund.
  3. The refund fees for various fares are-
    • Economy PrimeFly- 120 EUR/140 USD

    • BusinessPrime- Free of cost.

Turkish Airlines Rebooking Policy

Rebooking your flights to a different date or time falls under these rebooking policies. Make sure to go through them thoroughly:

  • Rebooking of your flight is permitted depending on the fare type you are traveling on.
  • You can make same-day changes to your flight time for a certain fee.
  • BusinessFly tickets can be reissued for EUR 60/USD 70.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

If your name is misprinted on the itinerary or you wish to change it on purpose, make sure to keep these name change policies in mind:

  • You must have the exact name on the booking as on the travel documents.
  • You are not allowed to travel on anyone else’s itinerary or change your name to someone else’s.
  • The correction in names must be done via the website or the Turkish Airlines’ phone number for customer support.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

Carrying luggage with you and being aware of the Turkish Airlines baggage allowance and weight/size limit is a must. So here are the baggage policies you need to go through:

  • For Economy Class, you can carry 1 piece of baggage not more than 158 cm in size, which is 23 kg, and for Business Class, the weight limit is 32 kg.
  • The carry-on item must be less than 23x40x55 in size and 8 kg in weight, and one personal item as a bag per passenger must not exceed 40x30x15 in size and 4 kg in weight.
  • Business Class passengers may carry two cabin bags and one personal item.
  • Infant passengers are allowed to carry an 8 kg cabin baggage, as well as a stroller not exceeding 115 cm in size.
  • For USA passengers, the baggage allowance in Business class is 2×32 kg bags.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Sitting on your preferred seat will surely give you chills. However, the seat selection policy is not the same for everyone, make sure to check them out here:

  1. Selection of seat is available from the time of booking until check-in.
  2. If you are traveling in business class, your seat selection is free of cost.
  3. The fees for purchasing preferred seats are-
    • Standard Economy seat- 9.00 USD to 39.00 USD

    • Seats with more legroom- 19.00 USD to 249.00 USD

    • Emergency exit seat- 19.00 USD to 139.00 USD

Turkish Airlines Check-in Policy

You are always advised to check in on time before you opt for check-in, make sure to go through these Turkish Airlines check-in policies:

  • The optimal arrival time at the airport is 2 hours before domestic travel and 3 hours before international travel.
  • If you opt to check-in via online method, you can do it from 24 hours to 90 minutes before departure.
  • If checking in via Kiosk, you can do it from 12 hours before departure up to 45 minutes before domestic flights and 60 minutes before international flights.
  • If you wish to check in at the counter, arrive there at least 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes before departure for international flights.
  • For business class passengers, the Preferential check-in option allows you to skip the queue and check in faster at the airport.


The use of Turkish Airlines manage booking is not limited to making changes but also to add in any kind of services you want. The option allows passengers to take control of their bookings and manage them according to their wishes. If you are flying in Turkish Airlines business class, you will have an added advantage to tamper with your itinerary and do not forget to save them once done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I carry a pet onboard, and what are the rules?
For traveling with a pet in the cabin, the combined weight of the pet and its carrier cannot exceed 8 kilograms, and the carrier’s dimensions cannot exceed 23 x 30 x 40 Cm(h x w x l). Pets exceeding the specified weight and dimensions must be traveled via the cargo section.

2) What pets are not allowed on the same aircraft?
Cats and dogs or cats and birds are not permitted to travel on the same aircraft, even if they are in different cabins.

3) What are the pets that are allowed on board?
Cats, dogs, and small songbirds (parakeets, canaries) are the only types of pets that are permitted to be carried in the aircraft cabin.

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