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United Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy and Rules

When it comes to air travel, United Airlines offers a variety of seat upgrade options to enhance your travel experience. United Airlines the importance of passenger comfort, which is why they offer United Airlines seat upgrade policy. United understands your need for extra legroom or a premium cabin experience, that’s why it provides opportunities to elevate your journey.

 If you have questions like “Can I upgrade my seat on United Airlines?” In this article, we will discuss all the seat upgrade options available under the United Airlines seat upgrade policy, the process of upgrading seats during and after booking, and the fees charged by the airline for upgrading your seats.

Details of Seat Upgrades On United Airlines  

If you are looking to upgrade seats on United Airlines you must be aware of the types of seat upgrades you can choose from. Here, we have mentioned all the United Airlines seat upgrade policy and the guide for seat upgrades-

Upgrade Seats on United Airlines  

United Airlines offers passengers several options to upgrade their seats, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable journey. Let’s explore the various upgrade options available-

Complimentary Premier Upgrades  

United Airlines offers complimentary seat upgrades to Premier members of their MileagePlus loyalty program. Depending on your Premier status and fare class, you may be eligible for automatic upgrades to a higher cabin class.

MileagePlus Upgrade Awards  

Passengers can utilize their MileagePlus miles to request an upgrade to a higher cabin class. The miles required for an upgrade depend on the destination, seat type, fare class, and Premier status. Co-payments may apply depending on the fare class booked.

Paid Upgrades  

United Airlines also offers paid upgrade options, allowing passengers to secure a seat in a higher cabin class by paying the fare difference between their original ticket and the desired upgraded class.

Types of Seat Upgrades in United Airlines  

United Airlines provides passengers with various types of seat upgrades to cater to their preferences. However, there is no United upgrade to first class. The highest upgrade class here is Business Class. Let’s explore the upgrade United Airlines seat types in detail:

  • Economy Plus: Economy Plus offers extra legroom and a more spacious seating arrangement within the Economy cabin. Passengers can enjoy added comfort and convenience during their flight.
  • Premium Plus: Premium Plus is a premium economy class that provides a higher level of comfort and service. Passengers can enjoy a larger seat with additional recline, enhanced meal options, and other exclusive amenities.
  • United Polaris Business Class: United Polaris Business Class offers a luxurious experience with lie-flat seats, direct aisle access, enhanced airline privacy, gourmet dining, and premium amenities. Passengers can indulge in comfort and relaxation during their long-haul flights.

How to Upgrade Seats on United Airlines  

Upgrading seats on United Airlines is a straightforward process. You must adhere to the United Airlines seat upgrade policy that keeps the process of upgrading seats working in flow. Now, let’s explore the steps involved in upgrading seats during and after booking-

During Booking  

The best time to make your seat upgrades is during the time of booking. If you are aware, you can use various means to pay for the upgrades. Here are the steps you can follow to make your seat upgrades during bookings:

  • Visit the United Airlines website or use the United app to book your flight.
  • Select the fare class that aligns with your desired upgrade option.
  • Choose the appropriate cabin class, such as Economy Plus, Premium Plus, or United Polaris Business Class, during the booking process.
  • Complete the payment process, ensuring that you have selected the desired upgrade.
  • You can also use promo codes for United Airlines promo code seat upgrades.

After Booking  

Making your seat upgrades is possible even after you have made your bookings. The process involved in it is mentioned here:

  • Log in to your MileagePlus account on the United Airlines website or app.
  • Access your reservation through the “My Trips” section.
  • Check your eligibility for an upgrade and select the desired upgraded seat.
  • Follow the provided instructions to complete the upgrade purchase.
  • If you encounter any issues or have specific upgrade requirements, contact United Airlines customer service for assistance.

Fees for Upgrading Your Seats  

The fees for upgrading your seat with United Airlines vary depending on your MileagePlus membership level and the type of fare purchased. While MileagePlus Premier® status members may enjoy complimentary upgrades, others might need to use miles or pay a co-pay fee for certain fare types. For the details of the fees charged, check below:

  • If you have purchased upgrades during booking or check-in, you might be charged up to $9,999 per flight per person. This depends on the membership level and the travel route.
  • If you upgrade via award points, you might be charged up to a $600 co-pay fee per flight per person.


Embarking on a journey with United Airlines can be more than just a flight; it’s an opportunity to indulge in enhanced comfort and service. Upgrading your seat with United Airlines means stepping into a world of extra legroom, superior amenities, and a touch of luxury that makes flying an absolute pleasure. So make sure to understand the United Airlines seat upgrade policy and take your seat upgrade timely. If you face any trouble make sure to contact United Airlines customer service via the number mentioned below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How can I get upgrades for Premium Plus or Polar Business class?
If you’re requesting an upgrade on an aircraft with United Premium Plus, you’ll be able to opt in for an upgrade to both United Premium Plus and United Polaris business class.

2) Who gets priority while opting for seat upgrades?
On an aircraft with United Premium Plus, first, the processing is done for United Polaris business class or United Business waitlists. This is for all members who have purchased United Premium Plus seats. Following the same priority order that applies to all upgrades. We’ll then process waitlists for members with United Economy seats.

3) What is a MileagePlus Upgrade Award?
It’s an award that allows you to use miles to upgrade your seat on most paid tickets for flights operated by United and United Express®.

4) Are Complimentary Premier Upgrades available on all flights?
No, they are free, space-available upgrades for Premier members on select United and United Express flights.

5) What are PlusPoints?
PlusPoints are flexible points for Premier Platinum and Premier 1K® members, which can be used to upgrade on United flights and select partner airlines.

6) Can I use miles to upgrade on Star Alliance member airlines?
Yes, you can use miles to upgrade your seat on select Star Alliance member airlines.

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