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In-Depth Look at Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

When it comes to air travel, ensuring accurate passenger information is crucial. Whether it’s a minor typo mistake during booking or a legal name change due to marriage or divorce, Volaris Airlines recognizes the need for flexibility. The comprehensive Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy acts as a lifeline for travelers who may have inadvertently provided incorrect details on their bookings.

In this article, we’ll explore the various facets of Volaris name change policy, from eligibility to practical steps for modifying passenger names.

What is Volaris Airline Name Change Policy?

Mistakes can be made either by humans or by computers, and such mistakes are usually minor but have a great impact on your travel plans. Even a single spelling mistake on the itinerary can lead you to denied boarding. So make sure to go through your itinerary and if you spot any such typographical mistakes, make sure to follow the Volaris Airlines name change policy and make necessary changes within the stipulated time.

Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy Highlights  

Changing your name for Volaris Airlines is easy, and once you know, the Volaris Airlines name change policy related to it. Here are the policies that you are bound to follow while making any changes to your name:

  • You can change the name on your ticket until 1 hour and 30 minutes before your flight.
  • If you wish to make changes free of cost, make sure to do this within 24 hours of booking your ticket, which must have been booked at least 7 days prior to travel.
  • You cannot make name changes if your flight is booked via the Volaris electronic voucher.
  • You will not be allowed to make name changes if your flight has already begun and you failed to show up for any segment of your flight.
  • You can not make name changes if you are changing an adult ticket to a minor or unaccompanied elderly person.

Types of Volaris Name Change Policy  

There are various reasons to make name changes to the ticket. So, to understand this, we have mentioned various types of name changes that apply to your itinerary-

Name Changes Due to Marriage or Divorce  

If you wish to make name changes due to marriage or divorce, you will have to produce legal documents that can testify to your claims. Legal documents like a marriage certificate and a divorce certificate will be required to make such changes.

Name Change Due to Spelling Mistake  

There might be your own personal reason, or you might have spelling mistakes in your name, like misprinted first or last name or first and last name being swapped. In such cases, the airline will do its best to help you out and match the name on the itinerary with the travel documents.

Name Changes Due to Adoption  

As per the Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy, if you have adopted a child recently or the child’s name has changed due to a legal custody dispute, you can opt to change their name. You will be required to produce supporting documents like court orders or legal adoption certificates to justify your claims.

How do I Change My Name on My Volaris Ticket?  

Making changes to your name can be done via various methods as outlined by Volaris Airlines. The name changes must be done adhering to the Volaris name change policy. Here are all the methods and the detailed steps you need to follow to make the name change-

Name Change Online  

Opting to change your name online, you must follow these steps to ensure your name is changed easily:

  • Go to the official website of the airline on which you booked your ticket.
  • Log in to your account using your booking reference (PNR) or frequent flyer details.
  • Visit the “Manage Booking” or “My Trips” section.
  • Locate your booked flight and select it.
  • Search for the option to edit your details.
  • Update your name as needed.
  • Confirm the changes and save them.
  • Verify that your name has been updated correctly.

Name Change via Phone Call  

You can easily change your name via a phone call. Just connect with the customer service representative and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Call the airline’s customer service number mentioned below.
  • Provide your booking reference (PNR) and explain the reason for the name change.
  • The agent will help you throughout the process.
  • Be prepared to provide necessary documentation (e.g., legal name change certificate).
  • Some airlines charge fees for name changes.
  • Confirm the fee and make the payment.

Name Change at the Airport    

If you have enough time to visit the airport, you can make name changes directly at the Volaris booking counter:

  • Arrive at the airport as early as possible.
  • Go to the Volaris airlines check-in or customer service counter.
  • Speak to the airline staff and explain why you need to change your name.
  • Provide necessary documentation (e.g., legal name change certificate, ID).
  • Airlines may charge fees for name changes at the airport.
  • Pay the fee if applicable.
  • The airline staff will issue an updated boarding pass with the corrected name.

Transfer the Ticket to Another Person  

Usually, tickets are non-transferable. However, in exceptional cases, you can transfer your ticket to another person. You will have to contact the airline and consult about the transfer of the ticket. If you are permitted, then you can continue with the process.

Volaris Name Change Fees  

Volaris Airlines does charge you with additional Volaris name change fee for opting for the service of name change. Here are the fees for changing your name-

  • If you change your name up to 4 hours before the departure the charges will be $79.99.
  • If you change your name up to 4 hours before the departure, the charges will be Mexican Dollar $699.
  • If you change your name up to 4 hours before the departure at the airport counter the charges will be Mexican Dollar $700.
  • For group travel name changes, a charge of $50 is charged per passenger.


Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy aims to provide a seamless experience for travelers. By understanding the nuances of this policy, passengers can rectify discrepancies and embark on their journeys stress-free. Remember to review the specific scenarios in which name modifications are permitted, and always double-check your details before takeoff.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Will I be able to change the name on my ticket?
Yes, you can change the name until 1.5 hours before your flight by calling the Volaris Call Center and paying the fee.

2) Are there exceptions to the name change service?
Yes, it’s not available if you purchased with an electronic voucher, missed a segment of your flight, or want to change an adult ticket to a minor’s ticket.

3) Can I change the name on my plane ticket Volaris?
Yes, you can make changes to your ticket on Volaris Airlines by following the steps mentioned above and adhering to Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy.

4) What are the documents required to change the name on the ticket?
You are required to produce a copy of identification documents, such as a license or passport, your marriage certificate, or a divorce certificate, to be able to make changes to your name.

5) On what grounds can I make name changes to my Volaris Airlines ticket?
If your name has a slight error or spelling mistake in it, or your name was changed recently in travel documents, you can apply to correct your name on the ticket.

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