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WestJet Flight Change Policy

WestJet, a renowned Canadian airline, prioritizes passenger convenience by offering a flexible Westjet flight change policy. Whether you need to adjust your travel dates or modify your destination, WestJet provides options to accommodate your needs. Below, we have listed and outlined the policies, fees, and methods for changing your flight with WestJet.

What is WestJet Flight Change Policy?  

Either you wish to make changes to the flight time or date, travel origin or destination, be it due to any reason, you have the WestJet flight change policy in place to ensure you can make those changes. These policies ensure that your plan changes are equally respected by the airline.

WestJet Flight Change Policy Rules  

  • If you make changes within 24 hours of booking, you will have to pay no additional fees for the changes.
  • If you have purchased Economy Flex fare you will be able to change your flight anytime you wish without any additional fees.
  • Changing flights on WestJet must be done at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • When a travel advisory affects your destination, WestJet applies flexible change/cancel guidelines until the advisory is lifted.
  • During the advisory period, you have the following options:
    1. Change Travel Dates: Modify your travel dates to and/or from the same destination. Fare differences won’t be charged, but blackout dates may apply.

    2. Change Destination: Adjust your destination (with or without altering travel dates). No fare difference charges apply for nearby airports; for more distant airports, fare differences may apply.

    3. Cancel Your Trip: Refunds follow the guidelines for the original fare bundle.

WestJet 24-hour Flight Change Policy  

The 24-hour WestJet flight change policy provides flexibility and ease for travelers. Here are the key points for the Risk-Free Window-

  • Within the first 24 hours of booking, you can change your WestJet flight without any deduction or additional fees.
  • No restrictions or conditions apply during this unique “risk-free” time frame.

How to Change Flights WestJet?  

Whether you prefer the convenience of online management, personalized assistance from customer support, or handling matters directly at the airport, WestJet has you covered. Here are the step-by-step instructions for each approach:

1) WestJet Change Flight via Website  

Changing flights on WestJet via the online method is the easiest and quickest way. Here are the steps you must follow-

  • Go to the WestJet official website.
  • Click on “Manage trip” or “Manage booking.”
  • Enter your reservation code and last name.
  • Access your booking details.
  • Choose the specific flight reservation you want to change.
  • Adjust travel dates, destinations, or other details.
  • Confirm the changes and receive an email confirmation.

2) WestJet Flight Change via Contact Number  

Sometimes, personalized assistance is essential. If you need expert guidance, reach out to WestJet’s customer support team-

  • Contact WestJet Customer Service by dialing the toll-free number mentioned below.
  • Explain that you want to change your WestJet flight.
  • Provide your booking details, including the reservation code.
  • The agent will guide you with all the necessary steps.
  • They’ll verify your identity and assist with any necessary changes.
  • After making the changes, you’ll receive confirmation via email or phone.

3) WestJet Flight Change at the Airport  

If you’re already at the airport, follow these steps to modify your WestJet flight-

  • Locate the WestJet check-in counter or customer service desk.
  • Approach a WestJet agent.
  • Inform the agent about your wish to change the flight.
  • Present your booking information, including the reservation code and identification.
  • The agent will process the changes.
  • They may offer alternative options or assist with rebooking.
  • You’ll receive confirmation of the modified flight.

Fees for Changing WestJet Flight  

Westjet charges additional fees for changing flight dates and times. So, if you are unaware of the flight change fees, make sure to check it out here. The charges are based on the flight route and the fare type you are traveling on-

  • If you are traveling within Canada, the fees for different fare classes are:

Fare ClassesFees
Economy100-118 CAD
Economy FlexNo fee
Premium100-118 CAD
Business100-118 CAD
  • If you are traveling between Canada and all destinations except Europe & Asia, the fees for different fare classes are:

Fare ClassesFees
Economy100-118 CAD
Economy FlexNo fee
Premium100-118 CAD
Business100-118 CAD
  • If you are traveling between Canada and Europe, the fees for different fare classes are:

Fare ClassesFees
Economy150-177 CAD
Economy FlexNo fee
Premium300-354 CAD
Business500-590 CAD
  • If you are traveling between Canada and Asia(excluding South Korea), the fees for different fare classes are:

Fare ClassesFees
Economy150-177 CAD
Economy FlexNo fee
Premium300-354 CAD
Business500-590 CAD

WestJet Same-Day Flight Change Policy  

Westjet’s same-day change is a confirmed flight change on the same day requested, starting 24 hours before departure. Here, the only difference is the time of departure, and no other changes are made. When there is an earlier or later flight available on the same day, you may make a change at the airport or by calling WestJet only if-

  • the flight flies from the same origin to the same destination.
  • the flight flies on the same day as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • the flight needs to be operated by WestJet (including WestJet Encore and WestJet Link by Pacific Coastal).
  • You have purchased one of the following fares- Econo, EconoFlex, Premium, PremiumFlex, Business, BusinessFlex, or Member Exclusive (Economy, Premium, or Business).
  • there is a seat available in the same cabin as on the original ticket.

WestJet Schedule Change Policy  

Here’s a concise overview of WestJet’s Schedule Change Policy based on the information available on their official website-

  • Change and Cancellation Window: Passengers can modify or cancel their WestJet flights up to two hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • 24-Hour Flexibility: Within 24 hours of booking, any changes made to the reservation are subject only to fare differences, without additional change fees.
  • Self-Service Option: If your flight is affected by a schedule change, you may be eligible to self-serve your cancellation and refund request.
  • Destination and Date Changes: You have the option to change your travel dates or destination, with or without altering your travel dates, and any fare differences won’t be charged.


Using the Westjet flight change policy to make changes to your flight is the most efficient way if you face any complications with your plans. If your plan changes more than once and you wish to make changes to your ticket more than once, you will have to contact customer support via the number mentioned below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I change my Westjet flight?
Yes, you can modify your WestJet flight up to two hours before departure. Fees may apply based on your fare type and travel route.

 2) How do I use Travel Bank credits for changes?
Visit the WestJet website and manage your booking. Travel Bank credits can be applied during the change process.

 3) Can I change the origin of flight?
Yes, you can change the origin of your flight, but make sure the new origin is operated by Westjet.

 4) Can I change the travel date or time of my flight?
Yes, if it suits your needs, you can change your flight date or time according to your wish, provided Westjet offers a flight on that date or time.

 5) If I have a basic fare, can I change it?
If you have booked a basic fare you can make changes to it within 24 hours of booking, after that it is not allowed to change the basic fare.

 6) When can I not get the same-day changes of my flight?
Same-day changes are not available for the following conditions-

  • If the basic fare is booked.
  • If you are on a charter flight.
  • There is only one departure scheduled that day.
  • Your flight’s departure is the last of the day.

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