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Jetstar Airways Manage Booking | Check-In, Seat Selection

If anyone is looking to make a seat change or name change to their flight schedule, Jetstar offers you the opportunity to do it yourself. You don’t need to go to the counter or the airport at all. You can easily manage your booking using the Jetstar Airways Manage Booking option.

Jetstar Airways History:

Jetstar Airways headquarters are based in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a low-cost airline that is entirely retained auxiliary of Qantas. It was founded in 2003 in reflex to the competitive pitfall posed by Virgin Blue (now known as Virgin Australia). Two brand strategies of Qantas are pursued by Jetstar Airways, with Qantas Airways serving the premium full-service market and Jetstar focusing on the low-cost market.

Jetstar Airways started domestic flyer services in the year 2004, briefly after selling the tickets for its inaugural flight. Jetstar started offering its services to Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2005. Airways is owned by Qantas, however, Jetstar works independently through the company beforehand known as Impulse Airlines. Its early success was ascribed to the Airline CEO Mr. Alan Joyce. Jetstar Serves 40 destinations across Australia with its vigorous fleet of 79 aircraft.

Jetstar International’s reach was lengthened to Asian countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong but ultimately never materialized. Jetstar launched its domestic operations in the year 2009 after its international success in flights to New Zealand. Jetstar Airways always focused on the low-cost market. Where its backbone always lies in its domestic market and is always able to compete with its parent airline Qantas Airways.

How to Use Jetstar Airways to Manage Booking?

If you are looking to manage to book on Jetstar Airways, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

Online Process:

If you opt for online method of making changes, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. In case the original booking was made via the Jetstar website or through the mobile app, you can make specific changes while using the official website or mobile app.
  2. For managing any changes in the booking you should have access to your booking reference number and the email address correlated with your booking.
  3. Click on the search option to repossess the booking details.
  4. As soon as you have gained access to your booking, then you can make changes to your flight details, like adding extra baggage, choosing meals as desired and entertainment, etc.
  5. There will be applicable charges as per the airline’s changes policy.
  6. Save changes and have a look at the new itinerary

Offline Process:

While managing your Jetstar booking offline, please follow the below outlined below:

  1. Contact the Jetstar customer service dedicated team to make any amendments to your flight booking who are available 24*7 and 7 days a week.
  2. Customer Service team will advise you through the process and help you to resolve your queries.
  3. In case you have made a booking through a Travel agent then kindly contact the travel agent and ask to make changes as you desire by paying the applicable charges set by Jetstar Airways.

Jetstar Airways Flight Change Policy

Jetstar Airways allows you to make changes in your flight bookings, including date, time, and terminus changes. However, for making any particular changes in the booking, applicable fees depend on the fare type you initially purchased.

  • Visit the Jetstar official website and log in by using your reference number of the booking and the email address linked with the booking, and accordingly, you can make changes to your booking.
  • You can also connect with the 24*7 dedicated customer service center of Jetstar Airways. The team will guide you through the change process and help you to make the desired changes in the booking.
  • If the original booking was made by a travel agent, then you may contact the travel agent and ask them to make changes as you wish.
  • In all cases, applicable fees need to be paid as per the airline flight change policy.

Jetstar Airways Cancellation Policy

Your flight has varied cancellation policies, and you must be aware of them before you make your cancellations-

1. Cancellation Eligibility

Whether you can cancel your flight or not totally depends on the eligibility criteria:

  • You can always cancel your original booking made with Jetstar Airways however, you are eligible for a refund completely depending on the fare rules associated with your tickets.
  • The kind of fare you made in the original booking or whether you purchased FareCredit while making the booking affects your eligibility.

2. Fare Credit

Fare credit is the alternative form of refund where you need to use it only to purchase tickets and other services. Here are the usages of the fare credit if you are willing to learn-

  • Jetstar offers you the Fare Credit option it’s an additional extra you can buy when booking an eligible domestic or international Jetstar flight.
  • FareCredit gives you the flexibility to cancel your booking and receive a credit voucher instead of the value of your fare and any in-flight extras.

If you wish to cancel your Jetstar booking, you can contact the customer Service Centre of Jetstar Airways, or you can visit their official website and make a cancellation under the section “Manage My Bookings” and get connected to their agents for a live chat session.

Jetstar Airways Refund Policy

With easy cancellation choices and an unclouded process, Jetstar flyers can easily book their bookings. It offers pliable refund policies for its customers. Let’s refer to the below-given steps.

  • If Jetstar Airways makes notable changes to your scheduled flight time, then they are liable to pay the refund.
  • A substantial change in the booking refers to a three-hour or more modification to your scheduled departure time.
  • Jetstar Airways offers you another great option in its refund policy. If you make a 1-week booking of the travel date in advance and then change your mind within 24 hours of booking time, the airline will provide a fare refund without a fee by request.
  • Jetstar Airways offers you buy FareCredit option during booking. It’s a flexible option because if you want to cancel your booking for any reason, you will receive a credit voucher worth the booking amount.
  • In the matter of delays and cancellations within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time Airline will rebook you on the next available flight.
  • Jetstar Airways will also provide you with support and assistance, such as meals and accommodations (if applicable).
  • Jetstar Airways Contemplate claims for extra costs caused by the delay or cancellation on a case-by-case basis.

Refund Options differ based on the fare type:

  1. Economy Starters: Nonrefundable unless you have bought Farecredit.
  2. Economy Starter Max and Economy Flex Bundle: Credit Vouchers
  3. Business Max: Eligible for a refund if originally booked as business Max fare.

Jetstar Airways Rebooking Policy

Find out Jetstar’s supple rebooking policy for US flights, intended to offer peace of mind and convenience to the passengers. Jetstar Airways always focuses on a customer-oriented approach and prioritizes your comfort and flexibility. Undergo the hassle-free rebooking and rescheduling options and secure flexibility in undetermined times. Jetstar Airways is determined to provide a seamless travel experience customized to your needs.

The rebooking policy for Jetstar Airways differs based on the fare type you have purchased. Please have a look at the below-mentioned points when changing the booking:

  • To discover what changes are permitted for your booking, refer to the fare rules linked with your ticket.
  • Remember that fees and charges may be applicable for the modifications in the booking.
  • In case you have made a booking through the Jetstar website or mobile app then specific changes can be made using the Manage booking feature.
  • The booking Reference Number and Email Address are required to make modifications to the booking.
  • If you have booked your tickets through a travel agent, then you may contact him for any modifications to the current booking.
  • By using the Manage Booking section, you can easily add baggage, in-flight meals, and entertainment to your existing booking.
  • Supposing changes are allowed, you can make them up until airport check-in opens for your flight. Check your itinerary for specific times or refer to the official website of Jetstar Airways.

Jetstar Airways Name Change Policy

Making changes to your name is a crucial process, as if the name you are traveling at might have been misprinted by the system. So check out these Name Change policies for changing your name:

  • Jetstar Airways permits you name changes, which means that if you cannot commute or cannot cancel it you can still sell it to someone else and get a refund that way.
  • Jetstar Airways Name Change fees based on the fare type you have purchased. Discover the below-mentioned name change fees for the individual class:
  1. Starter Fare: Name Change not allowed
  2. Starter Plus Fare: Name Change allowed with a fee of $55
  3. Starter Max Fare: Name change allowed with a fee of $55
  4. Business class Fare: Name change allowed with a fee of $55
  • If your original booking was made directly through Jetstar Airways’ official website or via phone, you can make specific changes by using the Manage booking feature.
  • For making any changes to the current booking you would require the booking reference number and email id associated with the current booking.
  • Remember that charges will be applicable as per the airline’s standard for any type of modification.
  • Remember to check the fare rules to find out the allowed changes in the booking you have purchased.
  • By using the Manage booking feature, you can easily add baggage, meals of your choice, and entertainment for your journey.
  • If changes to your booking are allowed as per the name change policy of Jetstar Airways, you can make up until the check-in opens for your flight.

Jetstar Airways Baggage Policy

The baggage policy for Jetstar Airways depends on the type of fare you have purchased. The breakdown for the same is given below:

1. Checked Baggage Allowance:

  • Travelers are allowed to purchase 40 kg of baggage individually.
  • Each Item should not weigh more than 32 KG.
  • Baggage that is longer than one meter is considered to be oversized.
  • A handling fee is applicable for oversized items on top of the weight allowance purchased.
  • There are no constraints on the number of bags, but each checked bag must not be more than 32 KG.

2. Carry- On Baggage Allowance:

  • Passengers who have made the booking in Economy Starter, Starter Plus, and Starter Max are permitted to carry a main item and a small item with a collective weight of no more than 7 Kg.
  • Passengers who are from Flex Bundle, +7Kg Extra Carry-on Baggage, or Business class fare are permitted to carry a main item and a small item, with a collective weight of no more than 14 kg.

3. Baggage Fees:

  • Most famous fares of Jetstar Airways do not include checked baggage. Please add baggage while making your booking to avail the best price.
  • If the baggage is not added at the time of booking, then you might have to pay extra baggage fees at the time of check-in.
  • Make certain you purchase enough checked-in baggage, as oversized items count toward your total checked baggage allowance.
  • For oversized checked baggage articles with any side longer than one meter, an oversized item handling fee may apply.  (with exceptions of supportive devices and prams)

4. Adding Baggage:

  • It’s cost-effective to purchase checked baggage at the time of booking. Including baggage at the time of check-in will be costly, and adding it at the airport will be costlier.
  • Pay attention that checked baggage weight cannot be used to increase your carry-on baggage allowance.

Note: For detailed information, please go through the baggage policy page of Jetstar Airways.

Jetstar Airways Seat Selection policy

Selection of your desired seats is allowed by the airways , and the policies related to it will help you get the best seats on board:

  • Standard seat selection is an optional extra in case you have booked a starter fare.
  • Standard seat selection is inclusive of the starter plus bundle option.
  • All options are available for passengers who have booked starter max bundles like Standard, upfront & extra leg room.
  • In the case of the Flex bundle, you can avail standard or up-front seat.
  • Passengers traveling in business plus bundle receive a free seat selection option.
  • The best option is to purchase your seat in advance, in case you are looking for a specific seat, or else you might be allocated a seat automatically that you might not like.
  • Please note all sitting options are subject to availability.
  • All allotted seats include Jetstar fare.

Travelers can also select their seats before flying.

Jetstar Airways Check-in Policy

Timely checking-in is crucial as you might face delays due to overcrowding at the airport, so the airlines advise passengers to reach the airport at the designated time. Here are the Jetstar Airways check-in policies you must be aware of:

1. Online Check-In

  • Jetstar Airways opens its check-in window 48 hours before the flight and closes one hour before the departure.
  • Remember that online check-in is contactless and also a better option than airport check-in.

2. Airport Check-In

  • You need to arrive well in advance for Airport Check-in as it closes before 2 hours of departure.

3. Special Cases

In special cases, you can check in online unless:

  • The goods which need to be announced, such as explosives, flammable materials, or corrosives.
  • If you are traveling in a group of 10 or more people.
  • If you are an unaccompanied passenger.


Jetstar Airways extends flexible different types of policies, which makes it a customer-friendly and cost-effective airline for US Passengers. The Jetstar Airways Manage Booking option allows you to make necessary changes as per your wish, complying with the policies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I make a booking through the customer support line?
The foremost way to make a Jetstar booking is through the Jetstar Airways official website.

2) How can I appeal another copy of my booking confirmation email?
To get another copy of your booking confirmation, you can contact the Jetstar Customer Support Team.

3) How can I book an airport shuttle/ transfer for the hotel I booked?
Transfers are only provided if specifically requested. A few of our Jetstar Holiday packages do offer transfers, but many do not.

4) How do I access Self-Service and my booking information?
The self-service feature is not accessible for further information, please visit Jetstar Airways’ official website.

5) What are your policies regarding under 18’s?
An Adult can only make a booking on the Jetstar Airways website. Every Hotel has its own policies for minors. Although predominantly, all guests under 18 should be accompanied by a parent/guardian or an individual over the age of 18.

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