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Southwest Airlines Infant Policy

Are you flying with an infant Southwest Airlines? If yes this post is for you, as you are aware that traveling with infants can pose lots of challenges and to tackle them you need to make extra efforts. But with the help of Southwest Airlines infant policy, you can make your journey more comfortable and exciting. Here in this article we will help you understand the policies, what you can carry, what you need to pay, and various other details vital for traveling with infants.

What is Southwest Airlines Infant Policy?

According to the Southwest Airlines infant policy, you can easily carry your infant that are less than 2 years old with you without any ticket or boarding pass. Apart from being able to carry your child, you can also carry various stuff for the child as well. So be sure to go through the policies so that your travel experience is smoother.

Southwest Airlines Infant Policy And Rules

Southwest Airlines infant policy is devised for infants traveling with their parents to have a wonderful journey. Here are the vital points you must remember for infants before traveling:

  • If your child is not occupying a seat and is over 14 days old and under two (2) years of age, you can carry them as a Lap Child, provided you are an adult (12 years of age or older).
  • Each adult passenger can carry a single Lap Child with them.
  • You do not require a ticket or boarding pass however, you will need a Boarding Verification Document. The BVD can be accessed after check-in online or via the mobile app or can be printed at the airport on the day of travel at a kiosk or the ticket counter.
  • You are required to carry a government-issued ID card either original or photocopy (e.g., passport, birth certificate, government-issued photo identification card). These documents are the only form of proof accepted at the security gate.
  • If you wish more comfort for your child, you may choose to purchase a seat so your child can travel in a child restraint system (CRS).

How To Book A Southwest Ticket For A Lap Child?

Booking a ticket for a lap child on Southwest Airlines is a straightforward process that can be completed through various methods. Here’s a guide to help you book your infant’s ticket with ease.

1) Making Bookings Online

Booking online is convenient and can be done from the comfort of your home. To book a Southwest flying with infant ticket online-

  • Visit the official Southwest Airlines website.
  • Proceed to the flight booking section.
  • Enter your travel details and search for flights.
  • Select your flight and fill in the adult passenger’s information.
  • Look for the option to Southwest add a lap infant to your booking.
  • Enter the required details for the lap child, including proof of age.
  • Review your booking details and complete the reservation.

2) Making Bookings via Customer Support

If you are flying with an infant Southwest Airlines and wish to have personal assistance for booking, you can do this through customer support. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Call Southwest Airlines’ customer support at the number mentioned below.
  • Provide the representative with your flight details and mention that you’re traveling with a lap child.
  • The representative will guide you through the booking process and may ask for details such as the infant’s date of birth.
  • Follow the instructions given by the representative to secure your booking.

3) Making Bookings at the Airport

For those who are on the go or need last-minute arrangements, booking Southwest Airlines flying with infant at the airport is one of the best options. To do this, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Visit the Southwest Airlines ticket counter at the airport.
  • Speak to an agent about your travel plans and inform them that you will be traveling with a lap child.
  • Present the necessary documentation for the lap child, such as a birth certificate or passport.
  • The agent will help you book your flight and provide you with a Boarding Verification Document for the infant.

Fees for Carrying Infants on Board Southwest Airlines

For domestic travel within the United States, infants can fly free of charge as lap children. However, for international flights, there are applicable taxes and fees that must be paid. These fees are government-imposed and vary depending on the destination. You can purchase an optional Southwest-branded reusable car seat/stroller bag at any Southwest Airlines ticket counter for a $17 one-time fee.

Baggage Allowance for Infants on Southwest Airlines

If you are traveling with infants you are allowed to carry strollers and car seats for your infants if you have booked a seat for them. If you haven’t booked a seat for them, you can use a vacant seat beside you(if available). You have the option as Southwest infant baggage to carry any of the two free bags as pack’n’play unless it does not exceed 50 lbs and 62 inches (L+W+H).


The Airline offers an accommodating Southwest Airlines infant policy for those traveling with infants, ensuring that even the youngest travelers are well taken care of. From age requirements to documentation, the airline provides clear guidelines for a stress-free travel experience. While infants fly free domestically, it’s important to note the additional fees for international travel. By adhering to these policies, passengers can look forward to a pleasant journey with their little ones on Southwest Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the age requirement for an infant to fly on Southwest Airlines?
Infants must be at least 14 days old to travel on Southwest Airlines.

2) Is it necessary to purchase a seat for my infant?
No, infants under two years old may travel as a lap child without a purchased seat when accompanied by an adult.

3) Is a boarding pass required for my infant?
While a boarding pass isn’t required, you will need a Boarding Verification Document(BVD) for the infant, which can be obtained after check-in.

4) What proof of age is required for my infant?
You must present a government-issued ID or a birth certificate as proof of age for your infant.

5) Can I bring a car seat for my infant?
Yes, you may purchase a seat for your child to travel in an FAA-approved child restraint system (CRS).

6) Are there any fees for traveling with an infant domestically?
No, there are no fees for infants traveling as lap children on domestic flights.

7) What about fees for international travel with an infant?
For international flights, government-imposed taxes and fees must be paid, and a ticket will be issued for the infant.

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